Review: Best of both – Charcoal Minky nappy

by Lala

Just a bit over a week ago I did a preview of the Charcoal Minky nappy, sent to me by Marion, of Eco Nappy Solutions for review. We’ve now had a chance to wash and dry them a few times, in order to increase their absorption and test how they hold up over a few wears on my 7-month-old boy. He is 9kgs chubby and was 75cm tall at his 6 month check up in December.

Just to remind you if you’re too busy to click the preview link, the Charcoal Minky nappies are a pocket style diaper, that combines the plush outer cover of the usual Minky nappies, with the super absorbent & stain resistant grey lining of Bamboo Charcoal diapers. The regular minkies are white inside, which makes them more prone to stain. This is what the Charcoal Minky diapers look like inside and out:

Cloth diaper sections

I found the nappies to be a great fit on my tall and chubby boy. The two rows of adjustable snaps at the waist are the same good quality as the usual Minky and Bamboo Charcoal type. The fit around the legs is also snug, without being tight. Just be careful if you add extra inserts, or boosters inside the pocket, and ensure you don’t make it too bulky on the outside, which can cause one side to gape a bit.

These nappies are definitely more bulky than the usual Minky. But that isn’t a bad thing at all. The Bamboo charcoal means more absorption all around, so I did expect them to be larger and sturdier. They are comparable to the Bamboo Charcoal nappies in size/bulk. All of my baby’s clothes still fit fine over the nappies. Just keep in mind that he is larger than average, for his age, so he is already mostly in clothes for kids 12 – 18 months.

However, because it is bulkier than the regular Minky, it does take longer to dry. We don’t use a tumble drier, so that might not be an issue for those who do. The nappy and its bamboo charcoal insert take the same amount of time to dry on the line, as a regular bamboo charcoal one.

Absorption & leak proof power:
These nappies didn’t lead to any leaks during the week of testing. When I’m home with baby, I check his diaper every 2 hours, if he is fidgety or if there’s a whiff of something. On one occasion he had them on for just under 4 hours, because he had a very long afternoon/evening nap that I didn’t want to interrupt. They held a large amount of liquid at that time and his bum stayed dry. He had one very runny BM during the tests, which stayed well inside the gussets, helped with the use of a liner.

Overall, I’m very happy with this nappy. I love the feel of it and my baby had no issues with leaks, dampness, rashes or any other reactions. The colours and patterns are great and there is a good unisex overlap, for first time moms like me, who plan to use the nappies on 2nd or 3rd children. I plan to add some more to my stash, especially for winter. Can you just imagine how wonderful and warm these fluffy cloth nappies will feel on your little one, in winter?

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