Review: Woolies Posh Pets mince

by Lala

About a week or so ago I spotted the Posh Pets Mince in the meat aisle at my local Woolworths Food. The price was great, so I picked some up. Before you laugh, no, I didn’t taste test this pet food myself for the purposes of this review, hahaha. But I do have it on good authority from our three dogs that this is top notch stuff.

the dogs
“Give us the good stuff! Ruff ruff!!”

We feed our three dogs Royal Canin pellets (German Shepherd breed specific food, or the Maxi Junior for the two GSDs & Chihuahua food for the Pomeranian) and occasionally they get raw bones and organ meat when I can find it at the Food Lovers Market butchery. Our GSDs’ breeders recommend giving the dogs meat and uncooked bones on a regular basis, to mix things up in between the pellets and to keep the dogs’ teeth clean. I don’t know if I just happen to look in the wrong places, but it’s really difficult to find decent meat and bone off cuts for our dogs.

I used to get them trotters and so on from Pick n Pay, but that stuff reeks. The bones and organs from Food Lovers Market are perfect, but they aren’t always available. If Woolworths stocks this on a regular basis, the dogs and I will be over the moon.

When I checked the label on the tray, I was really happy to see that it’s 100% beef, without any cereal fillers. Of course being offal though, it did smell a little bit but nothing close to the trotter smell. It helps that the food is gone in seconds unlike the trotters and their bones.

Posh pets mince ingredients

All three of the dogs polished this off in seconds. I kept an eye on them for any stomach upsets or reactions for a couple of days afterwards and everyone was fine. I did a rough calculation and figured out that this costs less per kilo than the Royal Canin.

We spend about R1200 (usually slightly more), on the big dogs food per month. That is for two bags of the 15kg Maxi Junior. The GSD breed specific food is only 12kgs per bag and costs more than the 15kgs of Maxi J. In any event:

R1200 / 30kgs of Royal Canin = R40 per kg
The posh pets mince is R32.50 per kg.

Tray of posh pets mince for dogs and cats from Woolworths

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Mia Groenewald March 15, 2019 - 9:09 am

Hi, did you precook the food before feeding?
I fed it for the first time to my cat in raw form and he loved it. But I wasn’t sure whether I should’ve cooked it. Other than the rodents he catches and eats, he’s never received raw food from me so I’m a bit uneducated in that sense. Also how long can you have the mince in the fridge for before it goes off? I’ve split mine up into 3 weeks and froze most of it but I’m not sure if I need to feed him the meat I have in the fridge within 2/3 days or would I be able to do it over 6 days?



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