Shanghai street photography theme: Bricks x Red

by Lala

There is so much to do, eat, see & photograph in Shanghai. There is a mix of Eastern and Western influences, modern and traditional aesthetics from various cultures and so many different ways to take it all in. The city is safe and pedestrian friendly enough to do a solo photo photo-walk, or one could join a tour group, hop on the sightseeing buses or just hang out with friends and wander around.

I have decided to capture my experiences of the city with themes for my photography. The very first one is Bricks x Red. This photo series is mostly in the French Concession of Shanghai. Much of the architecture is in a European style. All of the photos were captured with my new Fujifilm XT100 & 7 Artisans 7.5mm f1.4 fisheye lens. I decided to challenge myself a bit by using this lens for different scenes, to test out the effects. I really love this camera & the Fuji FX system. Small & light, because its mirrorless. I love my Canon EOS 700D as well, but it is so heavy, especially with different lenses. I hardly ever packed it on outings anymore. I think the Fujifilm camera is one that I will be using a lot because it can fit even into my small handbags.

Our new friend Natalia just arrived from Moscow. We stopped by Green & Safe, a really cool & cosy restaurant with a small organic food market and a great selection of craft beers and ciders. In fact, Green and Safe has a better beer selection than Paulaner, the German themed place next door. Go figure!

This is obviously not street photography. My friend Charmaine and I had white wine at Paulaner. I expected a huge menu of German craft beers and ciders. Is there a different, beer specific menu we don’t know about?

More sights from the French Concession.

I’ve visited the French Concession before, since arriving in Shanghai. It was only during this photo walk that I noticed some of the detail in the architecture, like the repeated red brickwork stripes across many of the buildings.

This is from our neighbourhood in Pudong, on the other side of the river. In China there is a public bike-sharing system run by different companies. You unlock a bike with an app on your phone and pay a small fee for your ride. At the end, you leave the bike wherever you want to on the side of the street. The bikes are maintained on a regular basis and the system seems to work very well in this mega metropolis.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know what else you would like to see in Shanghai.

Cheers for now.

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