Smoothie of the day: Breakfast berry blast

by Lala

This morning’s smoothie is one of my favourites because of the slightly crunchy texture. I’m not a huge fan of tiny pips in the raspberries but the taste is so worth it.

I whipped this up in less than 10 minutes just before leaving for class this morning. I had a glass while listening to John Robbie in the kitchen & poured the rest in my flask to go. It really made a huge difference in my concentration and energy during the day. Breakfast is a big deal.

Breakfast Berry Blast smoothie

One banana
One small, seedless minneola
One carrot (Woolworths now sells huge bags of carrots, specifically marked for juicing. Me gusta!)
Half a cup of raspberries
Quarter cup of milk
Quarter cup yoghurt
6 medium ice cubes

Pour the milk & yoghurt into the jug, then add the rest of the ingredients except the ice. Blend until everything is mixed well. Lastly add the ice, and blend until smooth.


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