Spring garden blooms & throwback to my wedding bouquet

by Lala

This is one of my favourite times of year. The weather is warming up, which means more days of gardening and an explosion of colour as spring blooming bulbs open up and fruit tree blossoms prepare to give us a summer and autumn season of sweet treats. This also means more things for me to photograph and blog about, so expect more posts than I have been sharing during winter 🙂

In late autumn we planted ranunculi and sparaxis again. I had mixed results with them in 2015, possibly because they weren’t watered well enough and were in areas with poor soil. This year they went into a well-tended area, far from dogs’ reach. The reward has been so much colour and beauty. I love looking out from my kitchen window and seeing the rainbow of colours in the garden.

Below: Yellow ranunculus. Yellow remains one of my favourite colours for flowers.

My wedding bouquet was yellow and white…mostly roses, lillies & baby’s breath. The arrangements on the tables included chrysanthemums.

TheRainQueen wedding bouquet

Below: Pink & White ranunculus (mentioned in one of my favourite songs, Trying to be cool by Phoenix)

Pink and white ranunculus

I am so happy about the ranunculi in particular, because my peonies didn’t make an appearance this year. I decided not to buy new peony corms in autumn/winter, in the hopes that last year’s ones would come back. No such luck, but I had expected that because they didn’t have a chance to grow much with the heatwave. Maybe I’ll try them again in pots next year, but for now I am very happy with what I have going & growing.

The other flowers that have made a much welcomed appearance are giant red poppies (singles and doubles) and indigenous South African sparaxis. I have recently also bought a lot of new roses, but most are pruned down and just waking up. One was already in bloom at the garden centre, namely the light pink Princess Charlene de Monaco rose. It smells lovely…reminds me of baby powder & old fashioned perfume.

Below: My new Princess Charlene de Monaco rose and two variants of Yardley Precious perfume (which I can no longer find at Clicks stores. Let me know if you it elsewhere).

Princess Charlene de Monaco rose and Yardley Petals perfume

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