Success growing sweet mini peppers from supermarket fruit

by Lala

The mini sweet peppers I planted in December are doing great…some much better than others as you can see from the images below. I was inspired by a thread on Gardenweb’s hot pepper forum to try this out. I love these peppers in salads and baked with stuffing like cheese and mince.

I’m waiting to observe their colours when they ripen, so I can tell if they’re true to seed. It’s late autumn now in South Africa and my main chillie / hot pepper season is over, although most of the larger plants do continue producing through winter if they’re in a sunny location & there’s no frost.

This is the bigger, healthier looking one with several mini peppers:

Sweet mini peppers therainqueen

The wonky cousin:

Smaller mini pepper plant

I think these should make it through winter, although I planted them quite late. We start planting in September which is spring for us, and I only started these in December.

These are planted in the hugelkultur bed I originally used to grow the giant pumpkins & then the red Japanese mini watermelon. The both the red watermelon vine in the bed and the yellow one in the trelissed garden next to it,  are still growing despite the cool weather. I’m leaving them but I saved seeds to restart in spring. The hugelkultur bed is also home to a habanero, two peppadews, periperi chillies, my transplanted Uyababa chilli (still my favourite hit pepper), a jalapeño, a thornless Arapaho blackberry & a Youngberry. There are also volunteer tomatoes and coriander/cilantro that must have come in with our home made compost.

The bed is well mulched and has been very productive with all these plants. My main fight is with the birds,  especially first the berries. I will need to invest in some netting for them and the blueberries in spring.

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