Success with rooting amaranthus

by Lala

I recently posted about wildcrafting and begining to propagate amaranthus cuttings. I’m very happy to report that this has been a success. In just about two or so weeks the cuttings from the red & green variety have rooted. All the cuttings including the fully red one are still alive, despite the extreme heat. However the red & green one has thrived and put out more than enough roots for the plant to survive in soil now.

Rooted amaranth cutting

I did not use any rooting hormone or special measures to get this plant cutting going. I just made a diagonal cut on the bottom of the cutting & changed the water in the clear glass container when it started to look a bit cloudy. I did 3 or 4 water changes in the 2 week period. Not very many.

I think this cutting developed a massive root system much quicker than the others because the stem was twisted and injured quite a lot. Those fissures are where the water was able to easily seep in, and the new roots were able to emerge. The other, uninjured cuttings have miniscule, stubby roots still forming. Something else that may have helped is that after a week the clear glass containers were placed inside a decorative pot. That extra shielding from bright light for the roots could have helped the plant to take off. While the glass container was out in the open on the windowsill, I didn’t see any root development at all.

Overall I’m very happy. I’m going to transplant the amaranthus into a mix of coco peat, perlite and potting soil. I still haven’t managed to spread the seeds into the garden. There is no excuse because these plants are very handy and drought resistant. I should probably do this when I transplant.

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