The crabapple has pink flesh!

by Lala

Oh my stars! Well now I feel really terrible for whoever ordered this crabapple tree & never picked it up from the nursery. Not only was I lucky enough to find a crabapple locally, it happens to be one of the rare apples and crabapples with dark pink or red flesh inside, instead of the usual white!

I cut open one of the little apples that fell off and got the shock of my life. I’d been wishing without any great amount of hope, to get a pink fleshed apple tree…someday, possibly by importing it. This is just amazing and so lucky for me. And to think how many weeks I struggled to locate a humble Granny Smith in my area…finding this rare gem is nothing short of a miracle.

Last night I stayed up very late doing lots of reading about Malus Purpurea / Neville Copeland, and learnt that it is an unusual crabapple because it is larger than most crabapples and sweet when eaten fresh. Most crabapples are cherry sized or thereabouts and incredibly bitter, but very good in preserves, because they are high in pectin. In any case, nothing I found made any reference to Malus Purpurea’s flesh nor were there any pictures of it cut open. I’ve posted about it on Gardenweb’s orchard forums and hope to get some expert opinions from the apple farmers there.

If you aren’t familiar with red flesh apples, here are some links with really interesting information about their development and of course some awesome pictures:

Pink pearl
Very comprehensive list of red fleshed varieties of apples

There is one little apple left on the tree. I hope it survives being planted out and doesn’t fall victim to the birds that ate my 4 little pecan nuts. I know it was those darned feral parakeets.

Pink pearl apple
Pink pearl picture above, by Leslie Seaton, via Wikimedia Commons.

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