TheRainQueen’s 1st Annual International Hot Pepper Eating Challenge

by Lala

The habaneros ripened just in time for me to host some local and international contenders for this prestigious contest, over a braai (bbq) of ribs, chicken, lamb and pork. We spent a wonderful afternoon taste tripping with Miracle Fruit tablets, eating and then held the contest.

Yes, there is video. Hilarious, incriminating video. I’ll edit it once I can copy footage from the various devices.

The rules were simple. Eat a whole habanero chili and chew ten times. The object was to keep your cool. The results, ladies and gentlemen *drumroll please*

1. USA- Lady D hailing from Chicago who didn’t flinch even a little.
2 & 3. A tie between the South Africans MC & BB
and at number 4. China, The D-man, who put on a brave show but couldn’t take the heat.

Ice cream was provided for the all contestants as a relief from the capsaicin. If you’re going to try this at home (don’t do it!), make sure you have dairy products for the burn, not water.

Oh, and lastly the German contender was disqualified due to being a dog. Have a great week and happy February!

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