Towel art & relaxation at the Thai Spa

by Lala

Hubby treated me to a day of much needed “me time” at the local Thai spa, today. The staff there consists of qualified Thai ladies (their traditional Thai massage certificates are on display), which isn’t something you will find easily in South Africa.

I was so relaxed and enjoyed my caviar facial and full body aromatherapy so much, that I passed right out when I got home. Thank goodness it’s only a 5 minute drive way. One shouldn’t operate heavy machinery after a session like that. I’d been to the same place in December with my sister and my husband, but this time I was by myself while he looked after the baby. I definitely appreciated the hours of unwinding and relaxing after this long week of work as well as home and garden projects. The massages there are just like the ones we enjoyed in Thailand a few years ago. I never thought I could get the same experience right here at home.

How lovely are all these rooms, decorations and towel art? I can make a towel elephant. I should post a tutorial some time.


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