Travelogue: Blooming beautiful Singapore

by Lala

In 2013 Singapore celebrated 50 years of greening the city state. I just love that. Our brief stop in Singapore convinced me to come back for proper visit in future. Singapore is academically interesting to me as well, because it is one of the most significant developmental state success stories we’ve studied in my Masters classes, from the “Asian tigers” bloc. I’d love to experience some of the government administered services like public transit, parks and recreation facilities when I come back.

Number one on my list will be a visit to the Gardens by the Bay, with their futuristic Supertree Grove, that always makes me think of the settings of some of my favourite Scifi and fantasy novels. While we didn’t get to see this garden in all its glory (the tallest Supertree has a freakin restaurant in it & you can walk between the structures on the elevated walkway):

Singapore Supertrees Smuconlaw
Pic credit: Image used courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, as captured by Smuconlaw (Shiny Things), originally posted on Flickr.

We did get a glimpse of the Garden by Bay, and some of Singapore’s tropical flora, from the breathtaking art installations at the airport:

Electronic Supertree at Singapore airport

Singapore airport giant orchid exhibition

Giant durian Singapore airport

Orchids for days….

Singapore airport or his white with purple centre

Singapore airport, light purple orchid

Singapore airport yellow orchid

They also had really cute giant displays of the local food at the baggage claim. You want a kebab? Go big or go home! I mean how adorable is this?

Singapore airport baggage claim display food

Singapore airport baggage claim display

There’s so much more & a video coming.
Cheers for now, from the road.

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