Travelogue: Youth day, Osaka style

by Lala

We spent the second part of today in Osaka, after a 30 minute train ride from Nagaokakyo station. We spent the day celebrating June 16, South Africa’s Youth Day, like kids, in Japan’s third largest city Osaka. We ate almost nothing but pastries & of course I had to have the famous takoyaki (octopus balls) that I’ve tried to make at home in the past with my own variation.

We ate, shopped for toys, ate some more, got some Starbucks iced drinks For the heat (regular frappe for him and a green tea frappe for me), rode in a huge red Ferris wheel on the top floor of Hep Five mall…yes, you read that right…a Ferris wheel on top of a building in the middle of the city!

Osaka Japan HepFive Ferris Wheel

On a clear day one is supposed to be able to see Osaka Castle, but weren’t that lucky today. There’s also a massive red whale installation suspended in the in the atrium of the building…no big deal.

Red whale HepFive mall Osaka Japan therainqueen

Some of the toys we came across today in the Yodabashi-umeji building, where we walking around in amazement for over 2 hours on 8 of its floors of shops for gadgets, clothes, homewares etc, included Star Wars house slippers, Gundams of every size and type, plushies (I found Moomin’s parents & Little My, but no Moomin or Snork Maiden), Dragon Ball everything…

Star Wars slippers gintama kagura Gundam Dragon Ball action figures

When we got home to Nagaokakyo we had dinner with our womderful host family and spoke about our youth in South Africa, over the dinner and dessert we’d bought from Rikuro’s (sounds like Rick Ross), which is apparently very legendary. We just went there because we saw a queue and thought it must be good. The baked cheesecake and custard slice I had was excellent.

Footnote: To keep track of the travels and without making the posts too long (there’s hardly any time to blog), I’ve decided to post pic collages with highlights of each day’s activities. Some days may have more than one & I’ll also backdate some of the earlier days’ activities in the trip so far. This will help me when I write the full posts & post videos later. My memory isn’t what it used to be, so this will help.

I’m going to have many posts on plants, flowers, fruit and cool green innovations as well. I’m taking lots of pictures and videos. Those posts do need a bit more work, so the pic collages will have to be it for now.

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