TV interview about my garden on SABC 1, 31 July

by Lala

Exciting news! A couple of weeks ago a TV crew came to visit me and interview me about my garden. I spoke about how we try to live an eco-friendly and sustainable life at home. I showed them around the various herb, fruit and vegetable planted beds; the chicken coop (that works as an egg production and fertilizer hub); our compost heap and how we do household waste separation.

Details of the insert:

Channel: SABC 1
Date: Sunday, 31 July 2016
Time: 17.30

Phakisa 2

It is a short clip in a longer 30 minute programme called Phakisa TV, which is all about environmental projects in South Africa. I had lots of fun with the TV crew and can’t wait to see the final results. Because it is now winter, they said it would be great to come back to shoot a longer one in summer when the fruit trees and flowers are in full production. I would definitely like that as I have just seen my peach tree is covered in pink blossoms and the blueberries look like they’re going to explode with those white bell-like flowers as well.

I hope you’ll be able to take a look. Come back and comment about what you thought about the clip, or we can Live chat about it on Twitter as it airs. My handle is @The_RainQueen. I hope to give a video of the full interview (we were filming for over an hour), which I could put on my YouTube Channel.

Phakisa 4

These are the crops I picked on camera: Tatsoi that I posted about as part of my cool season veggies; hot peppers and a sweet mini pepper that I grew from supermarket produce, and a bit of curly red lettuce from one of my container gardens. I made a nice salad out of them for dinner.

Phakisa 3

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