Update: Red & pink peonies now available

by Lala

Hadeco’s website had only the red peony bulbs earlier and now they’ve got red and pink peonies! I’ve ordered pink as well, as part of their buy 4 for the price of 3 promo. I’m getting two packs of the pink peonies and two packs of the red peony bulbs, which will be arriving in June. There are 8 bulbs per pack, so depending on how I end up planting everything, I may do a give away.

I’m still in a state of disbelief that I’ve managed to find peonies to plant in South Africa. I really hope they do well as the years go by. There are various varieties, of which some do better in warmer areas. Hopefully Hadeco did their due diligence and are offering the type best suited to our gardens, as opposed to the snowy gardens of the extreme northern hemisphere.

I’ve also bought ranunculus because omg, they are like miniature peonies & look so amazing! I’m expecting them to arrive via courier today. One of my favourite songs by Phoenix makes a reference to pink and white ranunculus that just gets me every time. I’m beside myself!!

Mixed ranunculus

The pictures are both from the the Hadeco website.

Neither this nor the previous post have been sponsored by Hadeco. I’ve paid full price for the bulbs, inclusive of shipping, and I will keep you posted on how they do in my garden in late winter and spring.

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