Video – Indoor plant haul

by Lala

Do you live in an apartment in a cold place, and love plants? This post is for you. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I am on a serious mission to turn my apartment in China, 20+ floors up, into an African jungle! Sort of.  I really miss the space and warmth of my garden back in South Africa. I already have a lot of plants here in Shanghai. In fact, before I even signed a lease on an apartment, I had bought about 6 plants of various sizes, while I was in an AirBnb studio apartment!

Naturally, the first video of the new year is  a Plant Haul. When I am not freezing (& hibernating), travelling or socialising on weekends, I have started a ritual of solo walks with my coffee, camera and a hunt for plants…usually orchids and succulents. More often than not, when I walk around with my camera trying to photograph the city, I find flower shop and spend more time there than doing photography.

Today’s video has no orchids or the usual type of succulents (plenty of those are en route). In this video I show you some really easy to care for, interesting houseplants and winter bulbs that are traditional to grow around Chinese New Year and a very cute gadget for my orchids. These are plants that can be grown in water or in pots with soil, and minimal watering. If you travel a lot for a couple of weeks at a time, the plants featured in this video could be ideal for you.

I will make another video with tricks showing how to keep most plants alive if you are about to travel, and have no one to water them for you.

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