Video: Visiting a Moomin Bakery & Cafe in Japan

by Lala

I got to visit the lovely Moomin Bakery & Cafe in Canal City mall, Fukuoka, Japan. This visit was on the 19th of June, 2015. The Fukuoka Moomin place is one of several Moomin shops & cafes around the country. If you’re lonely while dining alone at the Moomin cafes, the staff give you a HUGE Moomin stuffed toy to sit across from you and keep you company. How sweet, cute & Japanese is that? I grew up watching Moomin in South Africa & absolutely love the series and characters…even Stinky. The tv show is adapated from the series of books by Finnish author, Tove Jansson.

Afrikaans lyrics of the chorus, for the South Africans who grew up watching Moomin on SABC 2:

♪♫Moe-Mamma, Moe-Papa, MoeMa, Mei-Mei.
BooBoo en Snif-snaf, ou Stinkie daar by.
Almal bly saam in die Moe-vallei, saam met Moemin.
‘n Liewe lawe Moemin!
Bah bah bah, bup bup bup, bah bah bup, bah bah bup…♫ ^__^

Enjoy the video

I bought the items at different shops all around Japan from different parts of Tokyo, Kobe & Fukuoka. Once you’re there it won’t be a problem finding official Moomin merch like clothes, dishes, stuffed toys, hand puppets, laundry bags (I got one but it is so cute that I’m using it as a large pillow case), lunch boxes etc.

Speaking of lunch boxes, I will soon be making video and a post about BENTO Boxes 🙂 Watch this space.

Have you been to one of the Moomin cafes or shops in Japan, South Korea or Europe? Would you love to visit one? I know there is a free park in Japan styled like the Moomin Valley. A huge Moomin theme park was also announced, for 2017. I hope I get to go to that one or Moomin World in Finland someday. Leave a comment below to chat about it.

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