What’s growing on: List of fruit trees & nuts

by Lala

My edible forest is growing, but it must be managed so that everything can thrive. This list is something I’ve meant to capture somewhere outside of my mind for ages. It will be helpful in the future when I need to calculate how much fertiliser to give specific trees, when to expect fruit and when to give up on plants that aren’t producing anything. This will also be helpful for keeping track of growth rates, as well as varietal names (where I have them), when I start sharing cuttings or seeds.

I’m only listing the perennials. Although these seem like a lot for an average suburban garden, there’s still space for more, especially if one uses the space better or removes ornamentals.

Fruit trees
1. Apples

    Crabapple. Malus Purpurea, Neville Copeland (Jan, 2015)
    Early Red One (Sept, 2014)
    Granny Smith

2. Avocado, Fuerte
3. Apricot, Cape Early
4. Litchi (Feb, 2014)
5. Mango, Kent (Dec, 2014)
6. Peach, Oom Sarel (Sept, 2014)
7. Pepino (Nov, 2014)
8. Pomegranate (Feb, 2014)

1. Pawnee pecan (Nov, 2014)
2. Hazelnuts (Dec, 2014)

    4x Tonda di Giffoni
    2x Romana
    2x Selvatico

1. Blueberries (Oct, 2014)

    2x Brigitta
    1x Tiffblue
    1x Brightwell

2. Heritage raspberry
3. Thornless raspberry (Oct, 2014)
4. Blackberry (thorny, climbing)
5. Thornless blackberry (Jan, 2015)
6. Cape gooseberries/ Appeliefies

1. Common guava
2. Feijoa/Pineapple guava x2
3. Cherry guava (Nov, 2014)

1. Eureka lemon (Feb, 2014)
2. Shaddock giant pomelo (Feb, 2014)
3. Minneola (Nov, 2014)
4. Dwarf lemon(?) found on property

Other perennials
1. Bay leaf tree (Sept, 2014)
2. Bishop’s crown peppers x3

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