Winter is coming: Crochet your baby some Uggs

by Lala

For as long as I can remember almost every autumn I get the urge to unearth my crochet hooks, hit up some haberdashery and make some winter wooly items. Some years I made scarves and beanies for my loved ones, little jackets for my puppies or whatever strikes my fancy.

I was never as motivated to make knitted items as I was this time last year when I was pregnant with baby B. I made him blankets, fluffy hats & booties! My favourite pair of shoes for him are the baby Uggs I made, to match my pair.

Crochet Baby Ugg booties

These were so easy to make. I used a thicker, sturdier type of yarn for the sole, and a thinner one for the main shoe. For the trim, I got a super fluffy fancy wool that I had left over from a fluffy blanket project. It was actually the fluffy left over yarn that inspired me to make the Baby Uggs.

I am terrible at following crochet patterns. I did learn how all the British patterns and stitches work, when I was a little girl in school but now, I just figure things out by sight. If you’re interested in making these for your baby or yourself you can find some patterns online:

Crochet Baby Ugg-Booties– Masterclass with Photos (free pattern)

Have fun & keep warm!

Crochet baby uggs boot fluffy trim

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